Sunday, September 11, 2011

Running is Hard

You know what gets a lot harder after traveling to Korea to adopt the cutest little toddler ever?  Marathon training.  I am still planning on running Whistlestop Marathon on Oct 15th up in Ashland, Wisconsin.  That is if I can get my training runs in.  This morning I was scheduled to do a 18 mile run and made it 15 miles before my body said "no more."  I think I will be able to complete the marathon, but any chance of a personal best is probably out the window.

Jae was all tuckered out from all his outside activities and went to bed pretty easily last night.  And here is the best part...only woke up once!  He had been averaging 3 or 4 times a night so hopefully this is the start of a new trend.

While Daddy went for a run today I taught Jae two very important social skills:  giving five and giving knucks.  I click my tongue when our knuckles bump and he thinks it is hilarious!  He even tried repeating the sound a few times.

It is nap time right now and then Great-Grandma Olson, Great Uncle Bob and Great Aunt Jane are coming down for a quick introduction. 

I haven't taken any pictures today (but will when our guests arrive) so here are a few more photos of Seoul.

Store at the Toy Market

Guard outside the Royal Palace

At the Royal Palace

Downtown Seoul

Shoe Market.  Yes!  An entire market devoted to shoes!

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