Monday, September 26, 2011

The Last 3 Days

Jae has made some pretty big strides in the past three days.  One very noticeable one is he is really starting to understand English (and repeat it).  It was like all the sudden he understood the "What does a cow/dog/kitty/chicken/duck say" game.  But our favorite is "What does Larry (the dog) say?"  Larry gives out this moan/growl when he goes to lay down and Jae has caught on to this.  So when asked what Larry says, Jae starts growling!  :)  It is really funny.  He also knows where his nose, tummy and ears are.  And asks for some of his favorite foods like crackers, bananas, and cheese.

He is also starting to warm up to my parents.  Jae is not ready for either of them to hold him, but he feel pretty comfortable with them here or even over at their house.  They both get kisses on the cheeks and plenty of fist bumps and high fives.

We are also doing better sans the milk bottle.  He still points toward the fridge and asks for Mammu even when a glass of milk is sitting in front of him, but it isn't an all out throw down.  He will take little sips here and there out of different containers.  And on the days when he isn't real big on our new milk distribution systems, we make sure he has plenty of cheese or yogurt.

Last night was fun because we decided to get out the Hanbok that we purchased for Jae while in Korea.  The kid went nuts!  He knew this was a special outfit.  How he knew, we have no idea but Jae was more than happy to put it on and pose for pictures.  Once the fall leaves start peaking in color we will have to have him photographed outside in it.  We also received the one he wore for his 1st birthday (which I hate to admit, but it is much nicer than the one we purchased) so he has a couple of Hanboks to wear at special occasions.

And ps - we let Jae feed himself chocolate pudding last night:

Jae's Mom

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