Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Small Request

I have a small request, since today is Jae's Gotcha Day, will everyone write a comment below?  It doesn't matter if you are an official follower, friend, family or a casual observer that got this blog from a friend of a friend.  I would like to print off a large list of comments for Jae's baby book.  Whatever you feel is appropriate to write will be just fine.

In exchange, I promise to post some pictures of the cutest little 17 month old later today!

But for now, a few pictures of Seoul.  The pictures of me at the waffle stand and at dinner are after the rain storm...just keep that in mind.  :)

Happy Gotcha Day!

Jae's Mom


  1. You are in our thoughts and prayers! Many blessings and Kim chee may come your way! Love Lois and Bruce

  2. Oh what a blessing this day is!!!
    Sweet Baby Jae, you are so blessed to be loved by so many all over the world. The two greatest blessings are holding you now and always will. So many have followed your roller coaster up to this day and will wish you only greatness in the years to come.
    Some insider info on that Mom of yours, she is gonna be great one. Have fun with markers, go ahead make a mess,she will smile, hug you tell you "now, now that was wrong" and you will get a time out. Don't worry it will only last 10 secounds and you will get a cookie, trust me. You are on your on with Dad.
    Trust that they will do everything to keep you safe, happy, and will always be looking out for you. You will be in a home filled with love and cookies and I'm sure a pet or two. But without a second thought they will always see you as their greatest blessing for you have now made them a family.
    The Stirling Family
    Connie, Gordon, Rachel, and Kyle

  3. Jae - You are such a blessing and I can't wait to watch you grow. We are very lucky to heave met your parents and are even luckier to get to meet you. You have some awesome parents! You may not always think so (teenage years) but trust me they are pretty awesome people. Cam is also very excited to have a playmate who shares a similar story. I just know you two will be best buds growing up together and can already see all the trouble you two will get into and I can't wait! We look forward to your smiles, laughter and even cries. We will say extra prayers for you (and mom and dad) these next few months as you adjust to your new normal. We look forward to creating memories with you that will last a lifetime.

    재 - 당신은 그러한 축복하고 당신이 성장하는 것을 지켜보고 기다릴 수 없습니다. 우리가 만난 부모님을 끌어들여 아주 운 좋게 당신을 만날 수조차 낫겠지하고 있습니다. 당신은 굉장한 부모님이! 당신은 항상 그렇게 생각 (십대 년)하지만 엄청 멋지죠 사람들 날 믿지 않을 수도 있습니다. 캠 비슷한 이야기를 공유하고 놀이를하는 것도 매우 기쁘게 생각합니다. 그냥 둘이 같이 성장 최고의 꽃봉오리 것입니다 당신이 알고 이미 둘이 들어갈 수있는 모든 문제를 볼 수 기다릴 수 없어! 우리는 당신의 미소, 웃음, 심지어 울고 있도록 최선을 다하겠습니다. 당신이 새로운 정상으로 조절로 우리는이 앞으로 몇 달 당신을 위해 여분의기도 (그리고 엄마와 아빠)를 말할 것이다. 우리는 평생을 마지막으로 것입니다 당신과 함께 추억을 만들 수 있도록 최선을 다하겠습니다.

    Brianne, Brian and Cam Arendt

  4. One of Andrew's favorite games right now is: "I'm going to get ya" and it always ends in "I gotcha!" I was playing this game with him earlier today and thought about Jae on his Gotcha Day.
    We are so excited to welcome Jae into our family and we're looking forward to celebrating many future birthdays, holidays, and gotcha days.
    Aunt Holly, Uncle Joel, and Cousin Andrew and Heidi

  5. Dear Jae, I can't wait to meet you! I know that you will love you mom and dad. Your dad is my big brother for a year now, he is so nice and fun. Love Warren

  6. Hello Baby Jae!
    Greetings from the Pacific Northwest!

    Your Mommy and Daddy have waited a very long time to meet you. We are all so happy that this day has finally arrived and look forward to meeting you soon!
    Happy Gotcha Day!


    Great Uncle Richard, Great Aunt Kay, Cousin Nicole and Cousin Alisha, Ronnie, Little Ronnie, and Chloe

  7. Dear Jae:

    Adoption runs in our family. Your Grandma Hunze, Great Uncle Al and I were adopted. Take it from your Great Auntie Jane we were blessed to get wonderful parents like your Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Olson. You too are blessed with a wonderful mom and dad.

    They have learned since they knew you were coming into their lives, patience and love for another human being they couldn't hold until a few days ago.

    We hope that your new journey as a family will be of wonderful experience each and every day.

    Welcome and Happy Gotcha Day,

    Great Auntie Jane and Great Uncle Bob

  8. Dear Baby Jae,
    Hi, my name is Brennan and guess what, I know a lot about you already! I'm a BIG fan of your Mommy and Daddy and love to look at your picture in your Mommy's locket. I can't wait to play trucks, play catch, eat cookies and ice cream, play with our puppies, go to the zoo, read books, and do so many other fun things together with you.
    See you soon, Brennan

    PS - If you ever want to bring home another puppy or kitty, just ask your Mommy to take you to the pet store and when you see the one you want, ask her pretty, pretty please? She'll cave.

    Happy Gotcha Day! What an incredible day!!
    Jae, there has been so much anticipation for your arrival and now the big day is finally here!
    Ang & Paul, you have went through a lot of ups and a lot of downs this past year, but all that matters is your little boy is with you now and he is coming home.

    Brian, Lisa, Brennan, & Baxter

  9. Happy Gotcha Day, Jae! You are so blessed to have such wonderful and caring parents!

    Paula & Angie, We are so excited for you! We are thinking about you and praying that Jae's transition into your family goes smoothly! :)

    Justin & Jessica

  10. Happy Gotcha Day!

    I can't wait to meet you! Both my sisters are adopted, one from China and the other from Korea! Maybe someday I can baby-sit you!

    From all the pictures you are super adorable and you have the BEST parents in the world!

    You are finally coming HOME! We are all so excited to meet you and show you how much everybody loves you!

    Jae, you are very blessed to come into a family that loves you so much! See you soon!!!!!!!

    Grace Thurnau

  11. Happy Gotcha Day!! So happy for the Herzog's and Jae is one lucky boy to have such wonderful parents. Safe travels home and I can't wait to meet the litle guy :)

  12. Well happy Gotcha Day to all the herzogs and I know this is the first of many joyous days, although some will be harder than others. Angela and Paul, I am sure you are relieved and happy and I can not think of anyone more deserving of this happiness.

    Jae, I want to extend you an offer. When you are ready to buy a new car, give me a call and I will give you a hand, that is not your mom's long suit.

    Lot of love Herzogs (all three)

    Gordon Stirling

  13. Happy Gotcha Day!

    Jae - You are very blessed to be a part of a wonderful family. We are all so exited to finally meet you and spoil you (if your parents don't get to it first....which I am sure they already have)!

    Paul and Ang - Thank you for sharing your journey with us. I know you have been through all the ups and downs, but in the end you get to bring Mr. Jae home! We are so exited for you family!

    Welcome Home Jae!
    Kyle & Nicole Momsen

  14. Dear Jae Miles,

    What a long year it has been for your Mom and Dad and their friends, but the day has finally come and you are coming home. Your parents love you more than you ever know, they have waited so patiently for this day to arrive. You will fill their hearts with joy and love and they will do the same for you. They are smart loving people who will cherish you and your roots.

    To Mom and Dad,

    I have enjoyed following your blog along this journey to your son, it has been such a learning experience to the ups and downs of adoption. But I see in your faces in these pictures that even though the wait was long you are exactly where you need to be. You will be in my thoughts and prayers that this transition will go as smoothly as possible. I know even in the hardest of times you will both show Jae unconditional love. How lucky he is!

    Amanda Hall

  15. Happy Gotcha day buddy!

    Welcome to this big crazy family! We cant wait to meet you!

    Kevin, Heidi
    Sam, Jack and Benny

  16. Jae,

    God had this day planned long before you were born! Your Mommy and Daddy will love you with all their hearts and take such good care of you. I'm also pretty sure that your Mom will make you lots of good treats along the way.

    Blessings to you!
    Holly Peterson

  17. Happy Gotcha Day Jae!!

    You are so loved. We are excited for your homecoming – It has been a very anticipated event around here! Your amazing parents will have you in their arms today and will keep you from harm and love you forever. Welcome home!

    Angela & Paul – As Jacee would say, “You have golden hearts.” Jae is so blessed to have you as parents, knowing he was going to be your son from the beginning and loving him long before today. Cheers to many awesome memories to come!
    The Franks

  18. Happy Gotcha Day Jae! Everyone is so excited that you are coming home! Your parents have been keeping us all up to date on your homecoming and I know they are filled with joy and excitement to finally have you with them! I was a friend of your mothers in high school (and I like to think I still am), and she is an amazing woman. She's also an amazing cook (taught to her by grandma), so you have lots of yummy treats ahead of you. I'm sending every good thought in my head and warm feeling in my heart to you and your parent today.

    Samantha (Brown) Conroy

  19. Baby Jae! You are so loved!! We cannot wait to meet you. You are so special...God has chosen you for an amazing journey with an amazing family in the US. While the suspense has been a lot for your mommy and daddy to it comes to an end and a new bright beginning awaits! Welcome last. ;)

    Tony, Marie, and Reid Olinger

  20. Hi There Sweet Baby Jae,

    My name is April Bloomer Suter...I went to school with your sweet Momma in good Ol'Ava Missouri! She was an amazing, smart, loving, caring, full of life and love person back then and she still is :) You are so lucky to have been blessed with such great parents!! They can literally say that they have traveled around the world and back to get you! I have followed your Mommas Blog from day one and I have cried, laughed, prayed, cried some more and then rejoyced when I read you finally had an offical "Gotcha Day"

    Jae, You are going to have the most amazing life, full of so much love...Not only from your Mom and Dad but from family, friends, Facebook Followers and Blog Followers!! I cant wait to read all about your fun adventures, keep up with your growth thru pictures and to hear all about the onery little tricks you will play on your parents...I know your Mom wont let us down on keeping us informed :)

    Angie & Paul.... I just want to say that you both have to be two of the most strongest people around and so full of patience, faith, hope and love!!! I envy you both!! You finally have your little sweet pea and I am so happy for you guys!!! Being a parent is the most amazing thing that you will ever experience and your going to be GREAT at it!! Jae is going to have so much fun!!!! im sending lots of hugs, loves, congrats, prayers and well wishes your way!!!!! Cherish every moment.....

    Congratulations To The Herzog Family (Now a Family of 3)
    All Our Love,
    April Suter and Baby Corbin Lee :)

  21. Herzog Family of three!

    It is still gotcha day here in the US even though it is 7 am in Korea but better late then never.

    Jae, I cannot begin to tell you how much you are loved and by so many people already. This has been an amazing experience to watch your parents go through, the good times and hard times. You are truly blessed to have them as parents and they are so blessed and appreciative to have you as their son. I cannot wait to meet you and intoduce you to our daughter Reese.

    See you soon and safe travels HOME!

  22. Hey Little Man,

    I can not begin to tell you all the amazing things in life that you have ahead of you with your amazing mom and dad backing you. Your mom is one of the most amazing woman that I know. She came into my life many years ago when she was about my age, and since meeting her she has helped mold me into the woman that I have become today. I hope that I can be there for you the way that your mom has been for me. I promise you can tell me anything and i wont tell mom or dad! You will have the biggest cheerleader and support system a child could have with her. You dad is not too shabby either. I have never seen someone adore their wife and be as supportave as he is to your mom. I know he will do the same for you.
    I love you already and can not wait to finally meet you and spoil you with lots of treats and toys and tickles! I will even follow your moms example and let you color all over the place even on certain peoples faces, and you will only have to stay in time out for a solid 10 seconds, and give you a treat after! I think this is the making of a beautiful friendship my friend!

    Rachel Stirling

  23. Dear cuzin Jae - we're looking forward to playing wit cha'
    Big cuz Eli and lil cuz Ben

  24. Jae, someday you will be going through a box of stuff your folks saved for you and you will find not only this amazing journal filled with hopes and dreams, anxious days and long waits, but also notes of love from people whose names you don't even recognize. Just know that when you read this that you are loved and adored; that your family awaited your arrival for a very long time. You are blessed. Your mom and dad are wonderful people and they love you dearly. God couldn't have chosen a better couple to be your parents. We wish for you all your dreams.

    God bless,
    Craig and Ann Paulson

  25. Jae,
    Today is a BIG day for your parents as well as you. I can not tell you how excited I am for you to officially BE a family with your Mom and Dad. These two have thanked the Lord for His gift of life in you and their love for you has grown every day since that wonderful day they heard, "It's a boy!" Today is here to continue the gift of loving a child (or parent) and becoming a family. A support group that molds not only the child but the parent. While your parents can not wait to help you grow, I know that you can not wait to share your love with them as well. Isn't family great??? Much love, Rose :)

  26. Dear Jae,

    We have know about you for a long long time and have waited for what seems like an eternity for you to be finally united with your mom and dad who love you more than you'll ever imagine. We are so excited to finally meet you! You have the most amazing mom and dad and playmate (Larry) to spend the rest of your life with and family and friends waiting back here to meet you. If you ever need someone to play with, just call Linnea and Kathy and we'll be right over, ok? We love you so much. Please thank your mom and dad for sharing every moment of this roller-coaster ride experience of bringing you home with us. Hope to see you soon!

    Love, kisses and hugs to you all!
    Scott, Kathy and Linnea

  27. Oh Sweet Jae... what you'll learn early about your aunt Danielle is that she might never be on time, but she'll be there! :-) We sent TONS of blessings your way on Friday!!! One thing I'm sure you'll learn quite quickly is just how special you are. Happy Gotcha Day and we can't WAIT to meet you.

  28. I am so happy for you! Being a parent is the most amazing thing ever! All the late nights are worth every minute of sleep you lose.

    You are a Blessing to your mom and dad. We are excited that you are home and in thier loving arms. They have waited for you for so long! Know that you will always be loved.

    -The Siler Family (Brad, Patty, & Adalynn)

    P.S. I hope one day you can come to Missouri and play with Adalynn.

  29. Paul and Hunze-
    I am sooo happy! I am reading this blog with tears streaming down my face (I didn't even cry when my own children were born or on my wedding day in which hunze did and brad still refers to you as the crier:). Being a parent is the best and hardest job there is, in my opinion and I am thrilled that you will be experiencing the moments that will melt your heart and the ones that will make you crazy and everything in-between. What an honor it is to be a parent, to have the privilege of molding a child's mind and gift ever! And what a lucky boy jae is to have incredible, happy, life-loving parents! Love ya-Stacy Rector and family

  30. Jae,

    Your journey from South Korea to your new home with two of the most loving people we know is one that you may never remember. However, your parents will remember every little detail. They have been waiting a long time for you to enter into their lives, you are such a gift to them and everyone you meet. Always remember how much your parents love and care for you. We couldnt be happier for the three of you, enjoy the beginning of the rest of your lives together!

    PS - You have the best four-legged friend in Larry!!

    Love, Amber and Joe Christman