Tuesday, September 13, 2011

More Paperwork

Even though Jae is living with us, in the eyes of the court, we are not legally his parents.  More like temporary guardians.  Which means we get to fill out an whole new pile of paperwork.  Paperwork that helps get him a social security card, state issued birth certificate, proof of citizenship and ultimately finalization in the adoption.  If we complete all that we should in a timely manner, Jae should have court appointment finalization in about 5 months.  And what a fun day that will be!  We have been told that local judges really enjoy adoption finalization appointments and I can understand why.  Kind-of a nice break from the traffic violations, criminal charges, and the other items that fill their days.  We might have to make a little party of the day and invite our friends and family over...but we will worry about that later.  Other things we need to complete in the next five months (less official things) include letters and pictures to both the foster mom and the birth mother.  Which I am happy to do.  Both of them help get me the son I already have grown to love.

This morning Jae and I made a trip (along with a large batch of chocolate chip cookies) to my office.  I think it is safe to say the kiddo was a hit.  At one point I looked up and about 30 of my co-workers were all standing around looking at Jae...sorry to any clients, marketers, etc that were trying to call at that time...you took a second seat to the cutest kiddo ever.  Well, that is what his Mom thinks anyway.  It was fun to show him off.  And really fun to see the support we had behind us through this entire process.  The wait was long and I got the impression that I wasn't the only one that was ready for it be over.  :)

Visiting Daddy at work yesterday

Eastern.  Our home for the week.

Inside the Royal Palace

My 3 favorite guests also staying at Eastern.  Henry, Charles and Andrew.  Jae LOVED the oldest, Henry.


Name Chop being made

Jae's Name Chop

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