Friday, September 9, 2011

Big Day for Dad

Jae's Dad had a big day yesterday.  Jae finally warmed up enough to let him hold him even when I am in the room.  Things went so well that I was able to keep a dentist appointment.  Attachment to Dad makes things a lot easier on all of us.  And Dad changed his first #2 diaper!  It was a little stressful for the both of them, but they made it though just fine.

But we did take a step or two back last night, he was sleeping good until about 3Am when he started grieving.  He absolutely refused to sleep in his crib.  Jae only wanted to be held.  I ended up sleeping on the floor with him after an hour or so of fighting.  He went right to sleep as long as he was being cuddled.

We are off to meet Great-Grandma in about 30 minutes!

Jae's Mom

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  1. So awesome to see this post. Love that Jae seems to be doing so well!