Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Yesterday was a loooong day.  A full day in Seoul before flying out at 6:15PM and spending the next 18 hours or so in air.  The first leg (from Seoul to Chicago) wasn't exactly fun, but better than expected.   The first two hours of the flight Jae was busy with a capital B!  Up.  Down.  Up.  Down.  Kicking, reading, yelling, eating, singing, kicking and whatever else he could think of.  At one point Paul and I looked at each other and were like "you have got to be kidding me!"  Paul and I took turns eating our meal and by the time I was done with mine, Jae was out cold and remained out for about the next 5 hours.  The only problem is he was such a little heater sitting on our laps.  We had to take turns holding him so we wouldn't sweat to death on the plane.

But we made it to Chicago.  And before we were back through security in Chicago, Jae was asleep again.  I don't even think he saw the plane to Rochester.  He was asleep the entire way, which was nice. 

In Rochester we had a great crowd waiting for us to welcome Jae home.  Family and friend were all there to see Jae, but he was too tired.  I think he spent the next 20 minutes in my arms either falling asleep or actually asleep.  He woke up just in time to realize he wasn't a fan of the car seat.  But his little car seat buck didn't last long.  As soon as we got moving he was a happy camper with plenty of Gerber puffs to keep him happy (thanks Aunt Holly). 

The first hour at home (11pm) was awesome!  Our dog, Larry, and Jae did great!  They are already buddies...Larry getting whatever snacks fall on the floor and Jae giving "nice touches" to his puppy.  A friendship is already taking place which is huge relief.  After an hour of playing Paul and I decided we were done and everyone was going to bed with us.  Jae laid down right around midnight and was on and off until 5 am.  Which is all we could really hope for given the time change.  We are hoping to get his regular afternoon nap in today and then he will get a really good night's sleep tonight.

So the morning has been full of playing, dancing, eating, petting Larry, etc.  He really is a happy little dude and it is fun to watch.  :)

I will post some pictures later today.  Already this morning we have got some good photos of him. 

Ps - Thanks for all the food that was waiting for us!  Jae is extremely excited because he is the proud owner of 9 containers of Gerber puffs!  :)

Jae's Mom

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  1. It is wonderful to hear that the transition is going as smoothly as it has, I can't hardly imagine flying with my kids let alone half way around the world! I'm so glad you are home with your family now, enjoy the next 11 weeks bonding with your son!!

    Amanda Hall