Thursday, August 25, 2011

Agency Guesthouse

More good news, Paul, Jae and I are booked to stay at the agency guesthouse.  We just saved ourselves at least $120 a night with this news!  The guesthouse is a great option since it is (obviously) a lot cheaper than local hotels and really has everything we need to take care of Jae.  The provide bath items, a kitchen, bottles, etc. and we basically just need to walk downstairs to complete any agency business. 

Other good news this morning is our appointment to meet Jae is scheduled...for now.  We are scheduled to meet Jae at 11AM on Wednesday August 31st; but, our Korean specialist is going to try and get it pushed forward a day.  Normally parents get to meet their child on their first full day in Seoul.  Since we are arriving Monday afternoon this meeting should take place on Tuesday.  Maybe the agency is busy or the fostermom can't make a Tuesday meeting, but our agency is at least going to request that it is moved forward a day. 

I will continue to post news as it comes.

Jae's Mom

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