Monday, August 29, 2011

Recap of Yesterday

Good morning!  Paul and I just had some toast in the guesthouse kitchen (which is stocked with some general supplies like bread, peanut butter, eggs, juice, etc) and are now sipping on our instant coffee.  Instant coffee is pretty common over here and I must admit it isn't horrible.  I was expecting a lot worse.  We also met some other families that are staying here over breakfast.  One family from Rochester that is back touring Korea with their 3 boys.  Their youngest, Andrew, kept us entertained all through breakfast as we was playing Angry Birds on his dad's cellphone.  A couple of times he would yell out, "Come on man!" to the phone.  He is a cutie.

Big day today as we are only 3 hours away from meeting our little dude!!

But, more about yesterday first:  Thirteen hours on a plane is too long!  I watched three movies - Water for Elephants, Rio and Just Go With It and I was still bored for the majority of the trip.  But, the good news is we were able to get even better seats with some help from the Korean Air ticket agent in Chicago.  She got us bulk head seating.  It was a row of 4 but only one other person was there with us.  It was nice to have the extra room to strech out and hopefully we can get as good of seats on the way back.  Which I know Korean Air tries to do.  They like to keep bulk head seating for families with small children as it gives the kiddos a little bit of room to play on the floor.  Plus for the really small ones, Korean Air provides small floor bassinets.  Here's hoping because holding a 17 month old on our lap for 12+ hours seems well, impossible.

So back to this morning:  we unpacked all of the fostermom's gifts and placed them in gift bags.  I think we might have went a little overboard, but nothing seems like enough when someone has taken care of your son for the fist 1.5 years of his life.  We will have a translater at the meeting and I want to remember to tell her that Jae is lucky enough to have three moms:  birthmom, fostermom and me.  Fostermom will always hold a very special place in our family and I want to do everything  I can to make sure she knows it.

Now it is time to get ready to meet Jae!  Professional dress is required so we laid out all of our nicest clothes last night to try and get the wrinkles out.  And just in case anyone is wondering...I carefully choose my flat, patent leather, Jessica Simpson bow shoes.  I want Jae to know from day one that his mamma has excellent taste in shoes. 

Jae's Mom


  1. I love knowing what shoes you will be wearing! I am checking here frequently for updates and am loving hearing about this amazing experience you guys are about to have. I will go to bed thinking of you guys because from my math about 10:00 our time is when you get to meet Jae. Yeah! You guys deserve this and so does Jae! I will anxiously await an update first thing in the morning. Enjoy this awesome first family moment!


  2. Paul, with your help, Jae will come to understand Mom's shoe obsession. He already knows life revolves around a good pair of tennis shoes!

    What an awesome day! God's blessings to all of you!

    Matt Thurnau