Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Whew, What a Day!

Wow!  What a day!  It feels like 12 days ago that we got the call not 12 hours ago.  But at exactly 7:30 am this morning, while drying my hair (thank God I brought my cell phone into the bathroom with me) the call came.  I saw the 651 number and knew exactly who was calling and why: one of our CHSFS Korean specialists with our travel notification.  While still on the phone, I emailed Paul to rush home.  We had work to do! 

After about an hour of searching online for flights, we decided to contact the recommended travel agent for Korean adoptions.  One problem, he took a vacation day.  So with some encouragement from another Korean adoptive mother, we decided to make our way over to a local Owatonna travel agent.  Great idea!  She saved us close to $500 when compared to what we were seeing online.  We will leave Sunday morning out of Rochester, MN and connect through Chicago before going onto Seoul arriving the next day (Monday).  We will get back to Rochester a week later on Labor Day.

Where we will stay while in Seoul is another question.  Hopefully sometime tomorrow afternoon we will find out if our Korean agency has housing available.  If not, we will probably pay 4X as much for a hotel in the same area.  Which is exactly why we had to move fast this morning, our contact at CHSFS (Children's Home Society and Family Services) said 6 other families were getting travel calls today (normally it is like 3 or 4 a week so today was HUGE) and Korean agency housing is on a first come first serve basis; but, you have to have an actual flight itinerary before they will let you request a room.  We booked flights as fast as possible so we would be closer to the top of the room request list.

Otherwise, I was able to cram in a last minute haircut (thanks Lisa) and actually get a little bit of work done.  Albeit, not much work.  :)

Thanks for all the wonderful, touching, loving emails, facebook posts, text messages, hugs, tears, etc, etc today.  One day, I hope Jae understand and appreciates how many people were anxiously waiting for him to come home.
More to come later, but for now, I am ready for bed.

Jae's Mom

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