Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Korean Culture

We had heard that the Korean people are very welcoming of visitors, and it is true.  We have had so many wondeful people help us out.  During the rain storm, we stopped briefly at a Liege style waffle stand (can you believe it?  A little tast of Belgium right here in Seoul!  The owner had pictures of his trip to Liege and everything) and when we finally figured out that the storm was not going to let up, the owner tried to give us his umbrella!  That was after two gentleman walking in the rain tried to give us one of their umbrellas.

Yesterday a lady ran to get a subway attendent when Paul's subway card didn't work. 

On our second subway trip the attendant (at a different station) made sure to help us work the ticket machines.  Which really wasn't necessary since there is a button for English, but it was the thought that counts.

We purchased two Poweraides from a street vendor and he ran after us to give us our change. 

And of course the lady that ran to get a size 14 hanbok for Sophie and our lunch spot that opened their doors to us during the rain storm.  It has been really nice to have everyone go out of their way to help two people that are clearly out of their element.  It is so different from any other time we have traveled to a foreign country.  Normally the alphabet is at least the same.  But that is the thing, it doesn't matter because there is always someone close by that is willing to help.

One more story before getting in the shower and starting our day...and this is a good one!  I love Korean food, I really do.  But my nervous stomach can only take so much spice; so Paul and I have a routine of a Korean style lunch but than a more American style dinner.  Or at least something with a little less red pepper sauce.  Last night we found what looked to be a typical pasta restaurant.  Brown sign with white lettering declaring "I Love Pasta" or something like that.  But the inside was like the Pink Panther had thrown up pink cotton candy.  I am not tableclothes, pink curtains, pink floral arrangements from the ceiling, pink ruffled throw pillows on each of the pink chairs, etc, etc.  I tried to snap a few pictures, but they really don't reflect the amount of pink in this very small restaurant.  Paul is pretty confident that he is the first ever male to eat at this joint.  :) 

Jae's Mom


  1. I bet Jacee would have loved the pink :) The rainstorms, cockroaches, and intense heat don't sound like much fun, but they are all part of your memories! It is so neat to hear about the random acts of kindness too. Love the updates! Thanks for sharing your experience :) Ann F

  2. Wow, finally had time to sit down and read about your visit and meeting Jae. You three have been in my thoughts and prayers constantly - "I wonder where they are now?" "I hope they have been able to look into those beautiful brown eyes of their SON"...etc, etc. Isn't it funny how just seeing that little man makes your heart melt, makes it skip a beat and almost stop(scared)all within the same 1st minute knowing you are MOM and DAD??? Isn't that just the greatest??? What a lucky little man you have - surrounded by Love. Love to you all.... Rose :) P.S. You don't look too bad in all that pink Paul...he he