Saturday, August 27, 2011

Saturday Afternoon

Three suitcases, one backpack, one diaper bag and one "paperboy" bag later.  We are stressed!  What are we missing?  What do we have room left for?  Should I pack more diapers?  More food?  More clothes?  More money?  Did you pack the phone charger?  Can you show me again how the new camera works?  Do you think we should take 1/2 of your clothes and put them in my suitcase and vice versa?  Do you think this is enough toothpaste for the two/three of us? What are your parents doing here? (that one was Paul).  How much does your suitcase weigh?  What movies should we pack?

Jae's Mom

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  1. You'll be in a city, so you can buy normal stuff easily. Don't worry about that. But do you have the power converter for electricity? Have you asked your cell company how much it costs to call from Korea? There might be an add-on service that would be cheaper than just plain calling. Or a phone card might be cheaper. I know that regular calling from a pay phone overseas is big bucks.