Sunday, August 28, 2011


We made it to Chicago and a much bigger plane awaits. So far two different TSA agents commented on the "Goodnight Moon" board book that is sticking out of my bag. :) 

Other good news: Paul and I now have seats next to each other. 13 hours sitting next to strangers sounded like a bad idea. Granted they are middle seats in row 51 but better than what we had before. And...I found the newest People mag with Kim K's wedding photos! Paul wasnt thrilled with purchase, but he knows it is important to me. :)

Excited to see what kind of meals we will get on our flight.

Jae's Mom


  1. Korean Air attendants are meticulous. Amazing. You will get Korean food-lite, probably. Yum yum.
    Have fun in the midst of the nervousness.

  2. Ha ha. Love that you bought that magazine as I purchased it yesterday and Trav rolled his eyes as well. Safe travels and keep the updates coming. I am loving them! Another step closer to Jae.
    ~Danielle Olson