Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hot and Steamy Seoul

Whew!  Today was sunny but HOT!  I don't know which is worse, running around in a complete downpour or walking in the hot, muggy, sun.  Regardless, we have now done both while here in Seoul.

As usual, we had breakfast here at the guesthouse.  Paul cooked eggs and because I failed to eat dinner the night before, I also had a yogurt and some pineapple that we purchased yesterday from a small store.  Our little buddy (the one that is having a VERY hard time being away from his foster family) made an appearance at breakfast.  And guess who was the first one to get him to eat...ME!  He took 2 Teddy Grahams from me and then loved the Gerber freeze dried yogurt drops that the Arendt family gave us.  I wanted to give more of them to his parents for the plane ride home, but what if they are the only thing Jae likes?  Best to save the majority for our own 12+ hour plane ride.

After breakfast we made our way over to the palace.  It was amazing.  Our pictures are going to turn out great, the palace buildings with the mountains in the background.  The below cell phone pictures just don't do it justice.

From the palace we walked down to the market.  Or I should say, walked past, too far right, and around before we finally found it.  How we missed this large city center market is beyond me.  But no harm done, we found the US Embassy, Samsung's headquarters and City Hall in the process.  The market was crazy and by no means a place for anyone that gets claustrophobic. More narrow, winding, thin, walkways of every vendor you can, clothes, jewelry, umbrellas (umbrellas are big here, in the sun or the rain), socks, etc. etc.  We made a few small puchases: a hanbok (the traditional Korean attire), 2 pairs of PJs, soccer jersey, and a few pairs of socks all for Jae.  We realized that we could use a few more things since we are getting Jae 3 days earlier than expected.

Now we are resing in our room.  We both needed a quick shower before dinner. Tomorrow, dinner with the president of our Korean agency.

Jae's Mom

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