Tuesday, August 30, 2011


It is 5:30 AM and I am up...due to a combo of nerves, hunger (I was so anxious last night I couldn't eat dinner) and well...the neighbor's kid just woke up and clearly isn't happy with where he is (see previous blog).  I got to tell you this kid's anxiety is making me very uneasy.  Hopefully Jae will have a better transition on Friday.

Today we are hoping to get outside the neighborhood where we are staying and see more of Seoul.  This will be our only full day of touring since tomorrow we have lunch with the president of Eastern and then Friday Jae comes home with us.  So on today's agenda is going up to the Gyeongbokgung Palace and the Namdaemum market. We wanted to make it up to the Demilitarized Zone and possibly to Daegue (a town to the Southeast) where the World track championships are being held right now.  Anyone see the headline of Usain Bolt being DQ from the 100 meter dash?  Yeah, that is happening just a few hours to our South which is cool.

And I don't know if Matt T is reading this, but someone tell him we found Sophie a non-pink Hanbok yesterday!  It might be a little big (size 15 instead of 14) but the lady was so helpful I couldn't say no.  I pointed to a girl hanbok and then to the size and then wrote down the number 14 and she literally ran (yes, ran, not walked) off to find one.  :)  The main dress is yellow and the jacket is blue so Sophie should love it.  Someone tell Matt that we will knock $5 off the price if he promises to give us a picture of Sophie wearing it.

Breakfast.  Now.  Starving.

Jae's Mom


  1. That is so awesome you are experiencing Seoul! Praying for a smooth transition and comfort for all of those nerves. Enjoy the culture and your sweet son over this weekend. Thinking of you lots!! Ann F.

  2. Wow! I made the blog. Sophie will be thrilled at a non-pink hanbok. Can't wait to see it. And yes, she will be more than happy to pose for you in it. Don't worry about the $5 bucks...that's a deal on shipping!

    Have agreat rest of the week!

    Sophie and Matt Thurnau