Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Meeting Jae

Today went okay.  It could have been better, but it also could have been worse.

We pretty much stayed in our room until it was time to go downstairs and meet Jae.  We were a nervous wreck waiting in the lobby with gifts for fostermom.  And then, before the social worker had the chance to formally introduce us to fostermom and Jae, they walked through the front door.  Since fostermom has seen plenty of pictures of us she knew exactly who we were.  We didn't even wait for a social worker, we had our first meeting with Jae right there in the lobby of the agency.  I started crying the minute I saw Jae.  Fostermom did everything right, she said the Korean words for Mama and Papa and tried to have Jae sit on our laps...but he wasn't having it!  Crocodile tears came quickly out of his sweet little eyes but yet, he couldn't take his eyes off of Paul and I.  There was clearly some recognition of our faces.  Fostermom has been showing Jae pictures of us for the last year so it made sense that we would seem some what familiar.

About 5 minutes later our Korean social worker came around the corner surprised to find that we had already found each other.  Our Korean social worker found us a empty playroom so we could sit on the floor with Jae.  I bribed him with Teddy Grahams which he was resistant to at first, but by the end of the hour he was putting them in my mouth (small but wonderful victory).

After a few games of peek-a-boo and me finding Jae's ticklish spot, we were better.  He still hung pretty close to fostermom, but there were no more crocodile tears. Paul completed some paperwork (which was supposed to be done before we even saw Jae, but again we had already reconized each other in the lobby) and they asked us when we would like to take Jae permanently.  So, Jae's Gotcha Day will be this Friday, Sept 2nd.  We will have him the entire weekend before flying home, which is good.  It will be nice for him to have more time with us before getting on a flight.  He gave us a few smiles and giggles today, but he is far from being comfortable with us; which scares the heck out of me.  There is another family staying in the guesthouse and today was their Gotcha Day with their son.  The took him from his foster family around 5pm and I am not exaggerating when I say he has been crying uncontrollably ever since...which is closing in on 3 hours.  My heart aches for Mom, Dad and their little guy. 

But Jae is beautiful!  He has such sweet little eyes and such a full head of hair!  We loved him instantly.  Today was the first time we have ever seen him smile and I can't tell you how happy it made us!  Fostermom clearly had such a love for our little guy as well (did I mention she started crying as soon as she saw us?).  She showed us endless pictures of Jae on her cellphone.  She told us that her kids (she has two grown and then another that is 14 years) love Jae as well. 

So here is what all of you are waiting for...pictures.  We didn't take any until right before they were leaving as we didn't want to upset Jae any more than he already was.  And Jae wasn't ready to let us hold him which is why he looks a little concerned in the final picture:

Besides our quick one hour meeting, we learned never to leave your hotel without an umbrella while in Korea!  We went to do a bit of shopping in the afternoon and got caught in an absolute downpour!  It is monsoon season here after all.  Lucky for us were outside a restuarent where we had had lunch 3 hours earlier.  The owner recognized us and invited us in until the rain passes over. 

Jae's Mom


  1. So so so excited for you guys! I was ready to get up this morning so I could read all about your first meeting. Brings tears to my eyes. He is so handsome and you guys look so happy! It is awesome you will get him on Friday. We had Cam for 2 nights before our flight and it was awesome. Knowing how to sooth him and what makes him happy before the long flight will be invaluable. I am so excited for you guys! No better way to spend your last few days as 2 than exploring the culture of your son! Can't wait to hear more about your time in Seoul!

  2. I loved reading your post. Jae is so cute! We have been thinking about you constantly, and we pray that each meeting gets a little easier for everyone. :) He will do great - just as you will be great parents!

  3. Angie and Paul: I can see by your eyes this is meant to be. Jae will warm up to you, have faith in this. You both are very fortunate to have family so close to help with this new chapter of your life. Lean on family that is what we are here for. Use the knowledge from your parents, they raised two wonderful people.

    And most of all cherish these first few days. Remember them as when a mother/father see their baby smile for the first time and know it is because they see people who love them.


    Auntie Jane

  4. This made my morning. Jae looks adorable with his little visor on. What a great looking family. That is awesome you get the weekend to spend together in Korea. Have fun and safe travels. Looking forward to hearing more :)