Saturday, August 27, 2011

Saturday Morning

I am so nervous, excited, happy, scared, nervous, worried, and did I mention nervous?  It is 5:45 and I have been up for over an hour.  Thinking about what I have left to pack and what is about to happen in the next couple of days.  I still can't believe we leave for Korea tomorrow morning!

It has been just about a year since we first learned of Jae.  And what a roller coaster of year it has been.  Lots of good days: like we when we would get an update, pictures or have paperwork approved.  And lots of downs: missing the first steps, Jae's 1st birthday and then the Korean Ministry holding all EP approvals right when Jae was right there at the top of the pile.  But now it is time to go get that cute little stinker and I am every emotion that I have ever felt all at the same time...which is great fun for my stomach.  I have felt like throwing up for the past 4 days straight now.

Yesterday was my last day of work for 12 weeks, which is weird and I really don't think that it has registered yet.  I am sure the 12 weeks will fly by, but right now, Thanksgiving (when I am scheduled to come back) seems like a long time away.  But Jae and I will stop in and drop off some homemade cookies every now and between our fall visits to the zoo, and the park, and the children's museum.  :)

Lots to do and I think it is going to start with a 13+ mile run.  If I am up this early what else am I going to do?

ps - For those blog followers that go though facebook, you might want to just save my blog address. I am not sure if it will be easy for me to post to facebook while overseas. 

Jae's Mom

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  1. We're sitting in the hotel breakfast room talking about your and Paul's journey and the days to come. We will be thinking of you as you board the plane to go get your baby. Best wishes. Godspeed. All our love, the bike club.